27 March 2023
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Bark Chips – A Perfect Alternative For Your Garden

Bark chips are a new type of mulch. They look like regular wood chips, but they’re made from recycled bark instead of trees. This means that they’re better for the environment than regular wood chips because they don’t require any additional deforestation. In addition to being environmentally friendly, bark bulk bag include bark chips and mulches that are easy to use and maintain because they have similar properties as other types of mulch (like water retention and insulation).

Why Consider Using Bark Chips?

Bark chips are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional mulch. They’re made from bark that would otherwise go to waste and are completely biodegradable, so they don’t pollute the environment like other types of mulch do.

Because they’re made from something that would normally be discarded, bark chips cost less than other kinds of mulch too! And because they’re so easy on your wallet, you can use them in your garden without worrying about going over budget! Finally, because bark chips are all natural, there’s no risk of them containing toxic chemicals or other harmful substances like some other types of mulch have been known to do!

bark package online 

What Makes Bark Chips A Healthier Alternative?

Bark Chips are made of 100% recycled paper and will help keep your garden healthy. Use them in place of other kinds of mulches like wood chips or pine needles. They’ll provide your plants with all the nutrients they need while also keeping down weeds and keeping moisture levels consistent throughout the soil.

When you use Bark chips, you don’t have to worry about watering as often because they retain water well and let it soak into the soil slowly over time instead of all at once like other types of mulches do. Plus, when you use them along with other products from our line (like our fertilizer), you’ll see even better results than if you used them alone!

Extend Your Plant Life

The protective use of mulch or bark is regulating your soil’s temperature & protects your plants against any extremes.

A 50 to 75mm layer of the bark applied to borders, beds, and pots will acts as a perfect insulator. This can help to protect your plant roots just by locking in the beneficial ground warmth so must be applied before any heavy frosts to reduce your soil temperature.

With Bark chips, you can get back to enjoying your garden again without having to worry about things like watering schedules or weed problems!