5 June 2023
graduation flowers singapore

All About Graduation Flowers Singapore

Graduation ceremonies are approaching rapidly, attending to honor someone’s achievements, giving a gift to a graduate, or organizing a graduation party, one thing that is to know about flowers is that they’re important.

Flowers for graduation

When it comes to selecting graduation flowers singapore, be as creative as possible. To show the graduate care, with a combination of a brilliant bouquet with balloons, chocolates, and a piece of jewelry.


For thousands of years, roses have served as powerful symbols.

Roses are well-known flowers that represent love, beauty, and romance.

  • White:White roses represent a fresh start, purity, and sincere respect.
  • Pink: represent happiness
  • Yellow:friendship, new beginnings, and joy.
  • Orange:Represent excitement and desire.


Peonies are a popular spring flower that may be found in a variety of settings, from weddings to baby showers. Peonies represent a shy, joyful life. Present a large bouquet of peonies to a hesitant graduate to wish them luck. 


Hydrangeas are soft, ball-like blooms that come in a variety of soothing colors like purple, pink, blue, and white. Hydrangeas are said to represent thankfulness for being understood in floral language. 


These one-of-a-kinds`, vividly colored blossoms are associated with rebirth and spring. Tulips in all colors indicate attractive eyes and crimson tulips symbolize love. 


They can be presented as a token of love, to demonstrate support, or to wish a loved one luck as they embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Nonetheless, receiving flowers as a gift adds to the excitement and makes a graduate feel cherished and special as they enter adulthood. Take into account the loved one’s personalities and how they will react to the thrill of receiving graduation flowers singapore.