21 May 2022


Founded in 2012, vampire vape started with a unique range of 12 e-liquids which has now constructed up to 40 delicious flavors. Vampire Vapes have simply become one of the best recognized 10ml e-liquid brands in the UK, and we have brought it into our array of e-liquids in reply to popular demand.

Vampire Vape E-liquids are best recognized for their flavor Heisenberg, which was originally shaped for the 2014 VapeFest. Inspired by US series Breaking Bad, this well-known e-liquid is the one which made their name – and motivated several copies! The brand is very coy about what goes into making the well-known taste, but it is certainly cool, fruity plus refreshing. Second only to to Heisenburg in reputation is Pinkman, with its mixture of fruit flavors.

But there is plenty for fans of other flavors as well! Below you will find vape juice suggestions for fans of diverse flavor profiles:


There is an huge range of Vampire Vale e-liquid flavors to select from. The range covers everything from classic minty plus menthol offerings to off-the-wall compound flavors and more. We reviewed a widespread range of their flavors over on our blog plus here we are highlighting just several of the several flavors in their range:

Heisenberg: a top secret recipe plus a top seller in the Vampire Vape Collection. An all-day vape favorite for several, fruity notes mix with a cheeky cold crystal aftertaste which leaves you guessing in addition to wanting more.

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Attraction: one of the most popular from the Vampire Vape range, Attraction presents a seductive mix of juicy red berries infused with sub-zero menthol. This is The perfect flavor for a sweet plus refreshing vape.

Blackjack: bringing the nostalgia of the playground to your vaping experience, this Blackjack e-liquid has a sweet plus attractive aniseed flavor. The sweetness keeps you going back for more plus reliving those chewy childhood favorites.

Sweet Tobacco: a more classic flavor though with additional sweetness, sweet tobacco e-liquid provides you that customary cigarette flavor with added sweetness. It is a light, newbie-friendly choice.


The boldness of each flavor in the Vampire Vape range makes them trendy with their fans. Many are astonished by the strength and genuineness of the flavors and the density of the vape. Several fans even mix the diverse Vampire Vape e-liquids plus sample their own creation.