15 August 2022

World class percussion mallets – Vic firth

Drum sticks are a type music instrument accessories used for beating the drums and drum kit to produce music beats. It is a long cylindrical stick with shaft, shoulder and tip. The tip of a drum stick occurs in different shapes made up of various materials. Vis firth is a top branded quality manufacturer of drum sticks founded by Everett Joseph Vic firth. Music instruments retailers take pride in offering Vic firth instruments. In the Plainview city of New York where there are a number of musicals, (music instruments, DVDs and music stores) one can get the Vic firth products from the best rated sellers like All Music Inc. and search for Vic firth Plainview NY for details of more best musicals.

How Vic firth drum sticks are made and why are they best?

Vic firth aims for high quality products than all the existing ones for high quality beats. They buy undried wood boards. They are cut into squares in on-site mills and inspected for standards reach. These squares are dried in their own on-site kilns. The dried pieces of wood are cut into required small sizes. These smaller pieces are actually cut by taking a great care in ensuring that they are in equal measurements.

All the less quality pieces are removed. These are modelled into pegs of dowels and inspected where the wood squares are driven into sander machine to make the shape of stick (dowel). This sanding process ensures uniformity and smoothness of the sticks. Now the dowels are inspected by calibration before grinding. The grinding process is done twice for making the sticks as they are designed to be. Vic firth uses stone grinders for this process and the body of the sticks are shaped. Then the finishing process takes part where the sticks are rotated in a barrel coating with a finishing material. Injection molded Nylon tips are fixed to the tips of the sticks. Next following is the printing and weighing process. And it’s the end the world leader Vic firth drum sticks are done.

All the quality checking in each step and Nylon tips that don’t allow flying off while beating, the wood selection, the on –site cutting process, the unwanted wood is recycling and this is what keeps the company distinct from others.Vic firth also manufactures other percussion instruments (drum kits) and accessories. Many companies who are the great endorsers of Vic firth instruments can be found in Vic firth Plainview NY. More than over 30 music stores in the city one can find all the brands related to each instrument, get a desired best buy or learn them from music schools or take away music DVDs all your way home.