15 August 2022

Yogasana – Implementing in Daily Life

Yogasana has a history of over 5000 years. Yogasana is nothing but combining the individual’s soul to Universal spirit.  Even though in general people consider this as a means of doing bodily exercise like stretching, breathing, twisting the, it is actually more than that. If practiced properly in the desired way, yoga can enhance and uphold potentials of mind and soul in an individual.

When implemented in day to day routine, yogasana can benefit overall health and fitness of an individual. Today’s busy life has created many types of sleep disorders. Big part of world’s population today is suffering from sleep disorders. Yogasana can benefit sleep related issues like issues like insomnia. Bodily issues can be easily handled by small techniques of yogasana.


Insomnia is usually caused by stress, smart hone screen, and blue light from the computer. For all these issues people depend on pills. Many are unaware that a simple 15 minutes of yogasana routine can handle these issues.

Experts say, yogasana is not just an exercise. In yogasana body postures are used to the flow of the energy in desired directions. In yogic term posture is known as asana. Posture when done in way reaches you to higher level this is called as Yogasanasana. Naturally people get into postures based on their mood. By looking at someone’s posture we can guess in which state of mind they are right now like sad or happy. Based on emotional levels, automatically body changes its postures. But when done in a conscious way, these postures can be used to control emotional levels. This is how the yogasana works.

Being a Yogasana Teacher

Being a yogasana teacher is an evolving process. Even before starting the profession as a yogasana teacher one should have knowledge of body and the effect of yogasana on it. This is the crucial part because practice of yogasana by an individual is again an evolving process. Being a yogasana teacher they should learn everyday from their own practice. A responsible yogasana trainer should examine, learn and explore on current findings.

As many other practices, continues learning is mandatory in yogasana practice to stay inspired. Classes should not be monotonous both for student and trainer. Other than teaching time a trainer must spend time for him to evolve and learn for next sessions. Even though the trainer has years of experience, he still will have something to learn because there is a tremendous information on yogasana.