10 June 2023

What are injections used to tan?

The goal of tanning injections, a sort of cosmetic procedure, is to give people a tan without subjecting them to the damaging UV rays of the sun or tanning beds. Melanotan , a chemical found in these injections, is a synthetic hormone that encourages the skin’s development of melanin. The skin’s colouring is provided by the pigment melanin, which also shields it from UV radiation’s harmful effects. You can also use a tanning nasal spray, if you are not comfortable with injections.

Can you use tanning injections?

Most tanning injections are provided by the patient themselves, either by injecting the solution directly into the skin or by ingesting it.

Depending on the patient and the dose utilised, the effects of the injections might be felt anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after the procedure. Some individuals may experience negative effects from the injections, such as nausea, headaches, and skin flushing, while others may not. Tanning injections may appear to be a desirable alternative to conventional tanning techniques, but it’s crucial to weigh the dangers and disadvantages of the procedure. Lack of regulation and monitoring in the business, which can result in dangerous and inefficient products, is one of the main issues with tanning injections. Additionally, there has not been much research done on the long-term effects of tanning injections, thus it is unknown if prolonged usage of these products is safe. Another crucial point to remember is that unlike natural melanin, tanning injections do not offer the same level of UV protection.