10 June 2023

The mechanism of growth factor

The high concentration of growth hormone in the blood lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, during which time the hormone circulates through the body until it reaches its target organs, which are fatty tissue and the liver. In fatty areas, it reduces the size of cells and tissue. In the liver, it starts a mechanism that makes muscles and bones grow and in addition taking Hgh supplements for men would be beneficial.

The liver cortex is the place where GH is bound. During the period of 20 or 30 minutes that it lasts in the blood, the liver accelerates its metabolism and secretes a multitude of molecules similar to hormones which we could consider messengers or second messengers.

These substances called somatomedins are the ones that reach the bones and muscles to promote their growth. The best known of the somatomedins is IGF1 or insulin-like growth factor and it is the one that has been best studied for its effect on muscle growth. The different peaks of growth hormone cause the liver to secrete IGF1 more or less constantly throughout the day.

When IGF1 reaches the surface, a mechanism is activated in the membrane of the muscle fibres that, in a simplified way, stimulates the replication of the genes that encode muscle proteins.

In other words, IGF1 acts like a switch that turns on the machinery that makes the muscle’s contractile apparatus. This activity allows us to understand the anabolic effect of growth hormones.

The most usual attitude would be to take a lot of GH or a lot of growth factors, so the muscles will hypertrophy, and increase in size. But things don’t work like that and More is not better.

The supply of external growth hormone sets in motion a braking system in the pituitary so that we stop secreting our own GH something similar happens with IGF1.