25 January 2022
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We’ve all been there!

            We all have been there when it comes to some issue or other with our teeth. The teeth are the indicators of our health and not just oral health but general health. Due to certain unhealthy practices every one of us comes to face tooth problems and the plaque formation is one of them though the problem here is due to careless cleaning and some other reasons. However, the medical science is growing fast and many innovative technologies are coming and one such is dental scaler ultrasonic technique which cleans and sets right the painful condition of calculus and plaque.

The technique:

            The technique is a latest one where the tools are so designed in order to remove the calculus built up with a mild vibratory action and it smoothly removes the plaque that takes the gums away from the tooth as the plaque comes in between the two. The technique is carried out with or without local anesthesia but in extreme cases local anesthesia becomes imminent. The machine has to be used only by trained dentists and is very dangerous when it is tried at home and therefore there is a restriction on the machine for over the counter sales.



            The cleaning process with the help of the dental scaler ultrasonic machine has come as a tooth savior to many people who are struggling with tooth pain as the gums recede from the tooth and inflammation and infection takes place. With the removal of the microbial build up between the tooth and the gum, the person can regain the tooth and gum health back. The cleaning process can be carried out in one or more sessions depending upon the severity of the condition.