1 December 2021

Medical Waste Solutions Made to Put Healthcare & Patients First

The healthcare industry is one of the most critical industries and the one with the highest risk. Healthcare workers are cramped within four walls of a facility filled with sick patients under their care. Not to mention the fact that they are surrounded by clinical and medical waste. If there are no proper hazardous waste disposal solutions in these facilities, the risk of getting infections is high. That’s why it’s vital to look for a service provider that offers innovative clinical and medical waste disposal solutions that can protect both healthcare workers and patients.

Daniels Health is one such service provider in Canada that offers proper disposal of medical wastes from different healthcare facilities, such as diagnostic and treatment centers, long-term care facilities, and hospitals. These solutions positively impact every aspect of infection control and sustainability. They provide proper waste disposal for biomedical waste, sharps, cytotoxic waste, and pharmaceutical waste. Learn more about Daniels Health here.

Focusing Within the Four Walls of the Healthcare Environment

Daniels Health ensures to operate and focus within the facility to ensure that medical waste is correctly disposed of. Unlike other traditional waste disposal companies that only focus on the loading dock to grab the rubbish and go, Daniels Health works within the healthcare environment to reduce waste touches, mapping waste flow, waste disposal audits, improving segregation, eliminating needlestick injuries, reducing infection risks, and minimizing patient interruptions. These solutions can optimize overall costs, safety, and efficiencies when it comes to sharps and biomedical wastes.

These waste solutions are offered to all kinds of facilities in the healthcare industry. Daniels Health can help hospitals, long-term care facilities, small medical clinics, research laboratories, and more. The goal of Daniels Health is to protect both the staff and the patients under their care, all thanks to their winning medical waste disposal solutions.

Increasing Safety through Proper Healthcare Waste Solutions

Daniels Health is a total healthcare waste solutions provider that offers different solutions that any healthcare facility may need. Biomedical wastes are those that pose a risk in disease transmission, which needs proper handling and disposal. Chemical wastes contain one or a mixture of chemicals that are harmful in nature. There are also hazardous wastes that are corrosive, reactive, flammable, ignitable, carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic, infectious, oxidizing, radioactive, explosive, poisonous/toxic, bioaccumulative, persistent, and leachable.

Aside from the wastes mentioned above, Daniels Health also provides service for sharps management, pharmaceutical wastes, laboratory wastes, integrated waste solutions, infectious substances, ebola wastes, cytotoxic wastes, controlled drugs, chemical wastes, and anatomical wastes. They have special handling and waste disposal for each waste, which is why you can trust them to protect you through their innovative waste management system. You won’t have to worry about any problems regarding hazardous and harmful wastes anymore because Daniels Health is all you need.