1 April 2023

Facts and Myths of High Altitude Training

Athletes have to undergo strict and tiresome training sessions. Normal fitness training is different from the fitness training that has been suggested for the athletes. Many athletes opt for high altitude training. So, is it beneficial at all? Will this fitness training will make your body more agile? To find answers to these questions, you can check some facts and myths that are connected with high altitude training process. For such training, you need a few gears or equipment. Altitude training mask is one of such tools that you should have.

Fact: High Altitude Training Makes You Fitter

Professional athletes are immensely benefitted through high altitude training process. With such training, maximum oxygen intake ability will increase gradually. As your body can be able to inhale maximum amount of oxygen, it will stay fit as well as active. The aim should be breathing as much as oxygen as possible so that it can be transferred to blood stream. This will help the body cells to function actively. As a result, calorie burning ability of your body will also increase.

Myth: Thinner Air Helps in keeping Better Fitness

At high altitude, oxygen level is low. In other words, air quality is thinner. Many people claim that thinner air quality helps in attaining greater fitness. In reality, low percentage of oxygen does not matter, as your lung can take a fixed amount of oxygen at a time.

Fact: Using Training Mask Enhances Fitness Level

When it comes to high altitude training, using the training mask can help you a lot. With the altitude training mask, you can attain optimum fitness level. Even at low oxygen scenario, this fitness musk works for your safety. At high altitude, oxygen level can drop abruptly in some cases, depending upon the environmental conditions. On such scenario, altitude mask emerges as savior.

Myth: High Altitude Training Makes You Incompetent to Work Hard at Sea Level

Many people claim that high altitude training can make a person incompetent to work hard in sea level. Well, this is nothing but a myth. Fitness at sea level will actually increase due to intense and proper high altitude training.