10 June 2023
Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergency: What is it All About? 

A dental emergency is an oral complication which includes damage of the teeth due to impact, loose or if fractured. Oral complications, in this case, isn’t the usual dental issue you would bring to your dentist; it’s more or less an injury that is painful and needs immediate assistance.

As a part of the treatments, frequently, a dental emergency requires for the teeth or gums an operation to treat it. Thus, the presence of the dentist is essential in this kind of emergency and people who fall under the category must report to a clinic as soon as possible.

When to see your dentist:

  • Avulsed or when a tooth got knocked out.
  • Extruded or when the tooth is out of position or when loose.
  • Fractured tooth
  • Tooth abscesses or any infections that threats an individual’s health

If your teeth fall into the following, you need to make sure that the injury must be cleaned immediately with warm water. If the injury involves a tissue such as tears, punctured, laceration – the person must be seen to immediately.

Oral fractures: 

minor fracture will need either a small repair or if a dentist decides there’s no need to fix the tooth. The dentist will advise for other treatment such as restoration of the tooth. Again, this will be up to your dentist.

moderate fracture is somehow involving the damage of dentin, enamel, and the nerves or other connective tissues.

severe fracture is an oral injury where the tooth is traumatized to the point that there is only a small chance of recovery.

Knowing your emergency dentist: 

An emergency dentist is like your dentist but with a more urgency into the name – he or she is an oral healthcare person that sees patients who need immediate attention. Some, if not all, sees patients 24/7 for treatment and monitoring on their on-going recovery.

How to find your emergency dentist

A dental emergency doesn’t happen all the time, and that’s what makes this one a bit tricky. The one sure way you can find one is to go online and search for dentists near you. Some websites provide a complete list of dentists for emergencies with contact information for you to use.

You can also ask around or even ask your dentist if he or she accepts dental emergencies and administer such a service. If not, at least your dentist can refer you to one.


Always remember to be ready so when the situation needs it, you’ll be able to know what to do and whom to call for an emergency. For your dental problems, you can always count on services such as emergency dentistry Bellevue. They are known for their work in emergencies.