19 April 2019
Weight Loss Shakes

Comprehensive & Updated Review of the Top Weight Loss Shakes and Brands

Supplements offer one of the most effective ways of sparking weight loss. But are these diet plans effective as they are touted to be and can they help you to slim down? The best weight loss shakes have been formulated with ingredients which help to metabolize fat and to curb the consumers’ appetite. Ideal shape shake, for instance, is a popular appetite-controller that helps to suppress the dieter’s appetite and to accelerate fat burning.

The Effectiveness of Weight Loss Shakes

Most people who have used shakes to spark weight loss have reported significant weight loss. However, the effectiveness of a weight loss shake heavily depends on an individual’s metabolic rate and their weight loss goals. The success rate of the best weight loss shakes is even more amplified if the supplement is reinforced with a strict diet plan and a workout program. And choose the best weight loss supplements. Such as – 310 shakes, isagenix shakes, meal replacement shakes,weight loss pill or capsules etc.

How Weight Loss Shakes Work

These supplements are mainly designed to work in two ways:

(1) Increasing the Metabolic Rate

Some of the best weight loss shakes are formulated using ingredients which help to increase cell activity which leads to an enhanced rate of metabolism. An increased metabolic rate helps to accelerate the fat burning process resulting in weight loss

(2) Appetite Control

A supplement such as ideal shape shake works by suppressing the consumer’s appetite. This leads to reduced hunger pangs and food cravings which results in minimized calorie intake. A deficit of calories in the body will lead to the conversion of stored fat to fuel.

Ingredients Found in Weight Loss Shakes

Most supplements e.g. the ideal shape shake are plant-based but others are made using artificial ingredients. Weight loss shakes are made with ingredients which include minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein as well as flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Shakes

If you are an overweight individual who wants to use weight loss shake, it’s important to choose a product that is effective and will suit your needs. Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a supplement include:

  • The effectiveness
  • Appetite control
  • The taste of the shake and availability of different flavors
  • Value for money


The Best Weight Loss Shakes Brands

There are thousands of weight loss brands in the market and some of the most popular ones include:


OptiSlim is a brand that offers a wide range of shakes to suit different user needs. The supplements which are designed to accelerate the process of weight loss and to improve the dieter’s health work by enhancing thermogenesis. Some of the popular flavors from OptiSlim include vanilla, chocolate, lemon, caramel, strawberry, banana, coffee, and honeycomb. To make weight management even easier, this brand also manufactures other products like cookies, soups, and bars which can be taken as snacks.

(2) Rapid Loss

Rapid Loss is a unique weight loss brand that manufactures shakes which are used with calorie-controlled diets. The shakes are meant to help the consumer to effectively transit into a healthier long-term diet plan that will improve their general development. Rapid Loss has more than ten different flavors which range from chocolate, vanilla, lemon to banana. The low-calorie shakes which can be used as snacks or meal replacement contain a rich blend of fiber and protein which help to enhance fat loss and improve the development of lean muscles. The products also help to reduce food cravings as well as binge eating.

(3) Aldi Slim and Trim

The Aldi Slim and Trim weight loss shakes come in flavors such as coffee, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. The brand manufactures some of the best weight loss shakes which work by controlling the consumer’s appetite and suppressing food cravings. The high amounts of fiber and protein in Aldi Sim and Trim products help to reduce food cravings for hours.


This brand is known to produce weight loss products which help to spark thermogenesis by increasing the rate of metabolism. Fatblaster has two main types of shakes i.e. regular and the super shake range. The shakes which are made with superfoods contain ingredients such as green coffee bean extract, chia seeds, green tea extract and Maca powder which help to metabolize carbs, fats and to enhance exercise performance.

(5) Isowhey

Isowhey is a health and wellness brand that advocates for use of superfoods. It produces some of the best meal replacement shakes which are gluten-free. The products which are formulated for health-conscious individuals contain digestive enzymes, probiotics, and sea-greens among others. The high quality of un-denatured Isowhey supplements come in five main flavors which include classic coffee, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and banana. Isowhey also produces diabetes-friendly shakes such as the Isowhey Diabetic Formula that is used to enhance the metabolism of sugar.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss shakes offer the most convenient and safe way of attaining long-term weight loss goals within a short period of time. Although some of them may cause side effects as the body tries to adapt to new changes, they are highly effective and efficient.