21 May 2022

Basics of Addiction treatment

Addiction has been a problem in all societies, not only for those who get addicted but also to their loved ones and the community as a whole. This condition, however, is not an untreatable one. Complete recovery is totally possible even though it is a long and enduring procedure.

Addiction is not a disease that can be treated with medicine and once cured can be considered cured forever. Many times, patients relapse. However, that is a part of the recovery process. Addiction treatment is thus an ongoing process that requires long-term attention and management. That is why residential recovery facilities like Sage Recovery Villa are a good treatment option.

Treatment usually involves several components that are used together to produce the desired results. The course and components of the treatment change over time. Practitioners treat each individual as a separate case and offer tailored treatment to one and all.

Some of the basic treatment methods include-

1- Detoxification- This done by medical practitioners to cleanse the body of the substance and other toxic materials. This is undertaken only during the first stage.

2- Medications- Medicines are administered to counter the use of substances and manage the patient’s depression and anxiety due to abstinence.

3- Counselling- This process involves listening to and guiding the patient to give up the habit. It also explores the reasons and provides the necessary motivation to the patient to stick to his treatment.

4- Family therapy- Often family therapy is incorporated into the treatment to encourage the patient to mend family ties and stay on the right track with their continued support.

5- Cognitive Behavior Therapy- This special therapy which is an inherent part of the treatment process guides the patient on how to recognize the situation that triggers substance use and how to cope with them.

6- Other treatments- Other treatments include group therapy, employment skills and life skill that will be useful for a person to live a productive life after treatment.

Many settings of treatment are also available like doctor’s office, outpatient clinic as well as residential facilities like https://www.sagerecoveryaustin.com/sage-recovery-villa/. A doctor chooses the best type of setting and treatment components based on the condition of his patient.