10 June 2023

UV sterilizer and its uses

 As you know, babies’ immune and digestive systems are still not perfect, so we have to sterilize all baby equipment and supplies.  The main purpose of sterilization is to clean eating utensils and baby toys so that they are free from germs. Not only for babies even nowadays due to this pandemic everything which we carry out like keys, masks etc, need to be sterilised properly.

 Traditional sterilization methods such as boiling things, and especially baby bottles are cleaned with boiling water and they tend to be inconvenient and dangerous because they can damage the bottles and the other products and produce harmful chemicals.  Meanwhile, steam sterilization is one of the popular methods that are safe to sterilize baby products and other things which you wish to sterilise and does not risk damaging the bottles.  However, now other sterilization methods use UV sterilizers and are available as Lumin Australia, one can buy them to get its benefits.

 UV sterilizer is a sterilizer that uses UV light which can kill 99.99% of germs.  Sterilizers that use UV light are often used in hospitals to keep bottles sterile.  In addition, many UV sterilizers can sterilize your little one’s toys and other furniture.  This can help you to protect your little one from bacteria and germs and even everyone in the hime from the covid virus in them is pandemic.

Is it safe on baby products

Lumin Australia

 UV sterilizer uses UV light to sterilize your baby’s equipment and supplies.  This lower temperature is considered more effective in carrying out the sterilization process because it will not damage or cause harmful chemicals.  The UV sterilizer has a waterless feature that can save time in the sterilization process.

Advantages of UV sterilizer:

  • The sterilization results are dry because they use a heater and dryer.
  • Can avoid plastic contact with high temperature.
  • Able to keep equipment sterile for long periods.
  • Can sterilize objects that cannot be exposed to heat.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Operates waterless.
  • Has larger storage when compared to a steam sterilizer.
  • More efficient drying time.
  • UV sterilizer comes with an attractive design.

Here are things you can pay attention to when choosing a UV sterilizer:

  • Has a Ventilator Fan for Air Circulation.
  • There are Security Features (For example: if the door is opened, the UV light will auto-off).
  • Has a timer display.
  • It has an easy-to-grip handle and an easy-to-clean UV sterilizer surface.
  • Has a design with angleless grooves on the stainless steel surface, so it can reflect UV rays perfectly to the entire surface of the object to be sterilized.
  • Before buying a UV sterilizer, make sure the device has an official warranty.
  • It is recommended that all baby feeding equipment and toys such as teethers are washed before being sterilized.
  • Clean the surface of the stainless sterilizer with a dry cloth
  • It is recommended to replace the UV lamp every 6 months