21 September 2021

Get the best quality detachable sliders at Chambrelan!

Chambrelan drawer runners keep company with a surface treatment counting on the fabric. All their treatments are ROHS and REACH compliant and they will provide a great quality of the material. You will get to see many types of heavy duty drawer slides that are perfect for you.

  • The zinc-plated steel for steel telescopic slides for traditional application.
  • Anodized metal for metal drawer slides.
  • Passivation on their chrome steel telescopic slides for corrosive surroundings or specific applications.

The standard treatments are appropriate for the bulk of uses. Different or further treatments hardness as an example is also performed per the wants of the appliance. There are 3 sorts of mounting for their drawer tracks

Know about side mounting drawer sliders:

Sliding rails are designed to attack the facet of the slippy system. Once it involves significant duty slides or additional significant duty sliders, facet mounting is important.

Bottom mounting extension slides by Chambrelan:

For a simplified installation, slides will be used bottom-mounted that is below the drawer, as an associate under mount drawer runner. They recommend picking their strengthened telescopic sliders for bottom-mounted drawer slides. It’s conjointly potential to use them as center mount drawer slides counting on the load and therefore the extension.

The Chambrelan vertical mounting gliders up & down use:

Screens or protection panels will move vertically, either upwards, or down. Some customary telescopic slides are counseled for this kind of use. Another rail will be tailored to the present sort of mounting; don’t hesitate to contact the United States for any data.

Easy to integrate, simple to put in

You can realize at intervals their catalogue comprehensive knowledge to permit a decent. And easy installation, load capability, length, drilling theme. Moreover, on the website, you’ll be able to realize their product, as well as 3D, in each customary CAD format.