1 April 2023

CBD Hemp Flowers: A Comprehensive Guide to CBD Flowers

Marijuana is a controversial plant because it’s been labelled as a dangerous drug for many years. But ever since that medical marijuana has been legalized in many states, it slowly became popular. There are two main types of marijuana. One makes you high because of its psychoactive effects, and it’s called THC, while the other doesn’t mess up with your head, and it’s called CBD.

Most CBD users ingest CBD, but the fastest way to introduce CBD into your body is by smoking a hemp cbd flower instead, thanks to its bioavailability. And ever since CBD flowers became popular, breeders are creating different CND strains that CBD users will love. Ever since 2018, it has crawled its way into the mainstream, and it’s as common as THC flowers.

So if you want to know more about CBD flowers, read on to learn more from this easy, comprehensive guide. You’ll be surprised that it has qualities that you will never find in THC flowers.

What are Hemp Flowers?

Hemp flowers are the flowers that a female hemp plant produces when it reaches maturity. It’s a variety of Cannabis Sativa plant that typically contains 0.3% THC only. And even though it smells and looks like the regular weed flower that most people smoke, the CBD or hemp flower contains more CBD than THC. As you may already know, CBD is not enough to cause any euphoric or high effects that you commonly experience when smoking THC. Some breeders also cultivate premium CBD flowers that may contain 25% or more CBD.

The Common Differences with THC Weed Flowers

As mentioned above, CBD and THC flowers look, smell, and feel a lot like each other. However, the differences will show themselves when you smoke them. In addition, the effects are far different from each other, with CBD making you feel calm and relaxed without the need to mess with your head. At the same time, marijuana buds full of THC will give you a euphoric high that can either boost your creativity or keep you couch-locked.

The average THC buds will contain about 20% THC, but some premium cultivators will breed THC strains with a THC percentage that can go up to 25% to 30%. There are also marijuana flowers propagated to have high levels of CBD while also being THC potent.