28 November 2022
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History of Malaysian Musang King Durian

If you have never visited Malaysia, you won’t ever realize what is the mountain cat durian or Musang King Durian. Raja Kunyit or Musang King or Mau Shan Wang in Chinese language or Cat Mountain King durian is just one of the renowned types of the famous species of durians found in Malaysia. For what reason is these types of durians well known?

I saw this Mountain Cat King durian was a couple of years prior when I visited Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia with a couple of shut companions. The Cat Mountain King durian organic product is equivalent to other durian species. The organic product shape is oval to ellipsoid and has a light green husk. It has a thick, brilliant yellow tissue, exceptionally smooth with practically no filaments. Tacky and smooth surface. Sweet and harsh taste. Mau Shan Wang or Cat Mountain King durian is the most well-known assortment as of now.

The organic products are sold at exceptionally exorbitant cost about USD S$13-15 for every kg on account of its taste and request. A lot more ranches of this clone are planted in Perak and different states in Malaysia. Before long the stockpile will surpass its interest and the cost will be ordinary.

For what reason is these types of durians having a particularly impossible to miss name?

It is exceptionally fascinating to take note of that “musang” in Malay here doesn’t referred to the civet feline yet rather to the area “Gua Musang” in Kelantan state, where this clone was first planted and turned out to be extremely famous among the ranchers there. The Malay word Musang implies Cat and that is the means by which the Mountain Cat King durian has its name.

Presently this exceptional species or clone is developed in large ranches in Raub and Bentong Pahang, Malaysia.

  • Where would you be able to get the certifiable Musang King durians?

If you purchase on the road side in Kuala Lumpur, you are probably going to be cheated in view of numerous deceitful dealers utilizing D24 or different species as a mask of the Mountain Cat King durians to lift the cost.

Also, in case you are the first run through purchaser, the possibility is that you won’t know the flavour of the Musang King durians.

You need to find support from local people or go on an outing to Bentong or Raub in Pahang to taste the real Mountain Musang King durians from the estates and you will always remember the taste. Whenever you have tasted the Mountain Cat King durians, you can undoubtedly separate its taste from the other sub-par species like the D24 and others which are typically less expensive.

Durians is the King, everything being equal. Exploration shows that the durian plant is simply local to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei and to some conviction, the Davao district of Philippines.

In Malaysia, the name “durian” is gotten from the Malay word “duri” which means spike and is viewed as the King of organic products on account of its spike-covered husk, the rich yellow brilliant tissue and most vitally, the solid smell that is just valued by specific number of individuals.