10 June 2023
Bladnoch distillery – An overview

Bladnoch distillery – An overview

The Bladnoch distillery https://www.bladnoch.com/en-au/ is one of the oldest producers of Whiskey distilleries. They are the best in making single malt scotch whisky following the traditional methods of lowlands distilleries of Scotland. With the distillery acquired by the new owner, he has plans to increase the production of the spirits and create employment for the locals. He did not want to go back to its original place but would want to make it in Australia. He announced that they had reimagined to produce the finest lowland single-malt scotch whisky.


  • It was started in the year 1817, on the farms of McClelland in Scotland’s lowlands. From there they had grown considerably allowing them to modernize the distillation process and were the largest producers of alcohol earning them the status “Queen of Lowlands”
  • Later in the years, the distillery had seen several owners but continued to produce one of the finest lowlands whisky.They had four stills established at their farm which as still in use.
  • During the early 80’s they established a visitor centre.
  • In 2015, the distillery was acquired by David Prior, an Australian businessman, who renovated the distillery. Their production was kept on hold during this period.
  • In 2017, they began their production celebrating the 203rd anniversary, being the oldest and largest Scotch Whisky distillery.
  • The renovated distillery launched its visitor center – a place that shows the process involved in making the scotch.

The several types of whiskies available.

  • If you are a whisky lover and would like to experience the different varieties of whiskies, then Bladnoch whiskies are your best choice available. Do visit their website to know their varied collection.
  • Scotch or whisky are known to taste best when they are aged. You can get the best-aged spirit with this brand from their archives. They offer you the most aged alcohols.

Where can you get this brand?

  • Now you can get your favorite single malt scotch whisky of this brand in almost 30+ countries. They are available online as well as in retail shops.
  • You can buy their product from their official website https://www.bladnoch.com/en-au/. Use your postal code and country code to check if it’s available online or at your nearest retail shops.

Visit centre – An touring experience

  • Now you can get to know the process involved in making your favorite beverage by visiting their centre. They take you on tour to experience the process involved in making a fine scotch/whisky. You also get to taste a few of the varieties on tour.
  • They show how their staff crafts their scotch right from the beginning of the process. So you get to know what all ingredients and steps are involved in the making before you see your whisky in that attractive container.


Do visit this space https://www.bladnoch.com/en-au/ to know the wide range of varieties that you get to enjoy with your family and friends.