1 February 2023
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A case of Bitcoin fraud in India

An agent from West Bengal named Sameer Malhotra announced about the misrepresentation of 15lakhs rupees for putting resources into Bitcoins. He additionally stated, in 2016 he meets with a product designer and he got some information about putting resources into Bitcoins. After that Sameer was reached through video call with an outsider who cases he is the partner individual from the International Bitcoin trading market. And the outsider additionally approaches Sameer to put resources into Bitcoin to get money multiplied. So according to his recommendation Sameer simply give that product engineer 15lakh rupees with no receipt or confirmation. And when Sameer began thinking about restricting of Bitcoin in numerous nations, he mentioned them to restore the money. But he didn’t get back his money. So, as a last choice he revealed it to the neighborhood Police Station.

Client ID and secret key


According to the report of a digital profession, for purchasing and selling of bitcoins one need a client ID and secret key. But there are no subtleties accessible in the web about the buyer or dealer. So, law can’t make essential move against a specific buyer or vender. Likewise, as the биткоин trade procedure is utilizing secure innovation so it is additionally unrealistic to take bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a digital money which really moved, however, Internet has no physical presence. And the entire procedure of moving money in Bitcoins happens following a blockchain innovation. So, it is difficult to recognize the people utilizing Bitcoins. Bitcoin is utilized for some, unlawful purposes including human dealing, purchasing and selling of medications, and numerous other psychological militant exercises. Indian Shri Arun Jaitly has pronounced in 2018 spending plan about forbidding digital currencies like Bitcoin.