25 January 2022

Want some privacy for your photos, then go for tapshare

If you are looking for a site to hide your personal photos from everyone, and want to share with one or more than one person or if you want to secure your photos from strangers than tapshare is the best thing for you to secure your photos. You can visit here and make an account and then secure your personal photos from anyone you want. Just a click and no one will see your personal photos. Anyone wants some privacy in his or her life, so just go to this site and you will not be worried about your photographs. It’s like you’re your pictures will be secured, protected from everyone. And this site a definite impression to your hidden photos as they are safe with them from many prying eyes and you can again move your photos from the gallery to this.

How to save the photos on tapshare

Firstly you have to visit here and then you will see that there is the option of sign in and login in, firstly you have to sign in here then a box will by typing your email id and a new password, then your full name. After this, a page will open where you will get to know how to work on the site to secure your photos. Then you can visit the home where you can follow anyone celebrity, your friends (if they are on tapshare). Then you can move your personal photos that you want to hide from anyone to tapshare’s vault, which will be secured with them. Another thing you can also choose an option where your one friend, family member or many can see the photos according to your choice. The best use of tapshare is your photos will be secured with them, your photos are protected from the strangers.

If you want to make an album with a title you can to remember that which type of photos you are hiding in the vault, like adventurous memories, family photos, ugly photos or many more type of name you can create to give a name to your album you are making. Nowadays we all think that are photos that we personally like but don’t want to share with anyone, as they may not like it, but you don’t want to delete it then this will be the best option to hide your personal favorite photos.