27 March 2023
sheet metal fabrication

Get your Customized Sheet Metal Fabrication Comapanies in Malaysia

Sheet metal fabrication is a process in which your flat sheet of metal, be it be steel or aluminum to converts it into the desired product of your choice, and for doing that, there are several companies involved who take your order in bulk and deliver your products. But not every company in Malaysia is the best and, in general, there has to be a company that outshines the rest, and here you will know how to find the best sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia.

Sheet metal is known to be used to make various products that can be stretched, bent, or cut according to the requirement. Although the process is complex and the types of equipment and techniques involved are complex too, therefore the right tools are needed to be used to get the perfect results.

Types of equipment and tools involved in the process-

  • For cutting, specific kinds of tools are required to cut the metal sheet that involves band saws, miter saws, chop saws, and cutting torches.
  • Next includes the forming process that utilizes different types of equipment and, tools that include hydraulic brakes, rolling machines, and oxy-acetylene torches.
  • Lastly, the joining process includes rivet guns, brazing equipment, and techniques and equipment used for welding.

These are three main processes that are involved in the making of products by sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia.

sheet metal fabrication companies

Metals that are used in the process making of sheet metal-

Galvanized steel, zinc, copper, cold-rolled steel, and four different kinds of aluminum are used in the making of desired products from sheet metal.

 The detailed process for making of sheet metal fabrication-

  1. The first step involves the forming where, reshaping of the sheet metal is done, and this process involves stamping, bending, stretching, and then roll forming.
  2. Next comes the process of cutting and it is done in the two-step, which involves shear cutting as the first one and the second one is non-shear cutting which is mostly used for industrial products that require perfect precision such as aeronautical or automotive parts.
  3. The last and the third process is about joining that includes joining like welding and brazing where adhesives and rivets are used, next is to complete with finish processes like sandblasting or coating or deburring is done.

This is the detailed process of sheet metal fabrication that happens in these companies that are best in this category and who use the best tools and equipment to get your customized work done.