27 March 2023
bizsafe training

Get  benefitted with Bizsafe at CCIS Singapore


A nationally recognized capability-building programme, bizSAFE, was developed to assist businesses in developing workplace safety and health skills. CCIS provides businesses with the knowledge and experience to ensure that their firm receives the necessary certification. CCIS specializes in bizsafe training and ISO-related services such as Quality, Environmental, Health, and Safety throughout Singapore.

CCIS offers both public and tailored in-house training for bizSAFE, internal auditors, and a wide range of other subjects. Activity that is not listed here can be arranged at your location at a cost quoted separately.

There are several advantages to using bizsafe

Bizsafe may be beneficial to both the person and the organization. Compliance with riskmanagement rules has been achieved. There would be an enhancement in the competitive advantage of the company. Improved corporate branding is noticed and the provision of a safe and healthy environment or workplace for the company’s personnel. There is no charge for advertising services, and there is also a free WSH help program on-site. It is possible to go on a learning trip thanks to bizsafe and invitations to exclusive forums and conventions.

Under the Workplace Health and Safety (Risk Management) Regulations, all workplaces must undertake risk assessments for all work activities and procedures. According to federal regulations, these risk assessments must be updated as and when the job activities change, or at least every three years.


bizSAFE Level 3 and above acknowledges that your organization has put in place mechanisms to manage workplace risks and that your organization conforms with the Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations. BizSAFE is a five-step approach that supports businesses in developing their workplace safety and health capabilities, allowing them to make significant improvements in workplace safety and health standards over time. There are three levels for this bizSAFE program.