2 April 2023


Have you ever thought of tire paint? The same tire with a new vibe? To break the monotony of the looks of your tire we, the Tire Penz come up with a new idea. Different paints and the brand new concept can blow one’s ordinary view. To make your car or bike more thrilling we are committed. Let’s introduce with tire paint. The enticing red tire paint and the flamboyant white letter tire paint.

About Tire Penz

As this concept is new, the options in the market are few too. The Experts faced a lot of problem in the initial stage like the wash out of paints or red color turning into pinkish gradually, but they cope up. After some huge research now we are confident and satisfied with our service. The two options, Red tire paint, and the white letter tire paint surely add a different vibe in your car or bike.

About the Product

This is a broad tip marker which is opaque in nature. Depending on the age of tire the numbers of coats relate. Usually, tire penz red marker can paint the 4 wheels approx four times. The old tire could paint about 3 times. The color you get is the same as the closest representation. Though it may vary according to your application, it’s minimal.

Firstly make sure the tire is absolutely clean (best way to clean a tire with soap and water) and scuff the tire where the paint going to applied. Now shake the marker well.When you gently depress the marker the paint will begin to flow. After applying a thin coat of color keep it to dry for 12 hours, and just before it dries completely apply a little amount of reflecting powder to make it more shining.

Pro Tips
During painting your tire its highly recommended not to wipe out the existing paint, as its help to remove the debris which gathers while running. The Red Tire paint also looks premium on the sidelines and in the grooves. We also provide extra one in the Tire Penz reflecting kit, if one marker gets dried. The new tires already come with a coat which needs to wash by a scouring pad or wire brush.

One can also try the white letter tire paint for the rolling components which will surely increase the appearance into the asphalt.